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17th February 2008 : Niemen on TVP Kultura 2008-01-21 - 2008-02-16 Markovitz 2 5609
2008-01-21 23:22:55
On 17th February 2008 between 5.05 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. ( all times GMT +1.00) some other programmes are going to be shown on TVP Kultura for example : the live show NIEMEN with orchestra from 1980, performance ‘Banquet’ and some other rarities ...
2008-02-09 23:34:14
Thanks for this information. Can you tell us a little bit more about the content??
Matthias from Germany (bought my first Niemen album 35 years ago)
2008-02-16 08:24:52
Halo Mittelstaedt :)

Programme tv sat. TVP POLONIA 16th February 2008
05.00 p.m. FILM "Czeslaw Niemen" (2007)

08.55p.m. Songs of Niemen "Do You Still Remember Me..?"


Programme tv sat. TVP KULTURA 17th February 2008 :

05.00 p.m. Niedziela z Niemenem (Sunday with Niemen)

06.00 p.m Niemen with Orchestra (Hits of 60-ths)

07.00 p.m. BANKIET

08.10 p.m. Christmas with Niemen (XII 1981)

10.10 p.m. Concert NIEMEN GROUP (Helsinki 1972)
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