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different version of "Strange is this World" 2006-02-27 - 2006-04-15 dreckrock 10 12562
2006-02-27 14:41:26
Hi everybody,
does anybody know if a different version of "strange.." with the english lyrics was published. (I mean different from the CBS LP-version)
some years ago I found an acetat from Italy. It contains the song with the english lyrics but the music is much closer to the polish version from '67 with horns and a lighter sound than on th LP.
the date on the acetat reads 7-1-71.
Does anybody know if that is a known version?
thank you
2006-02-27 16:21:55
Hey Dreckrock !

There are two demo-records with "Strange is this world" from 1971.
7-1-71 is the first London track . The guitar was probably recorded in studio CGD in Bologna .

Second version was presented in Polish Radio.
This version of "Strange Is This World" was recorded to be published on LP with standards.
That LP wasn't published by CGD in Italy or Fontana in England (alas).

2006-03-01 09:33:23
are we talking about version which was issued in (as I heard) about 100 copies with music from italian "Strange is this world" and english lyrics which was used later on the Lp from CBS?
2006-03-01 11:43:55
it's definetly not the version from the CBS-LP.
And it's not the one which was aired by polish radio.
Marek says that 2 version were recorded during 71 London session and this might be one of them.
If someone knows of a Webspace where I can put it I will upload an excerpt of it as mp3 so you can compare
2006-03-01 20:10:46
dreckrock If someone knows of a Webspace where I can put it I will upload an excerpt of it as mp3 so you can compare
bye dreckrock

I think it'll be a problem
2006-03-01 21:09:08
i have uploaded a part of the song for a limited time and a small number of downloads to this location ... UBW8B5SPAD

it will expire in a few days. please tell what you think this version is and if you have heard it before

2006-03-15 17:20:02
I listened to this upload and I can say I've never heard this version before and also about this version. For me the music is not from italian version (Io senza lei) and the lyrics it's a bit different than from the english version for CBS. Also :N: sings better on other versions - I'm thinking about pronunciation.
Anyway it's a real treasure :!:
2006-03-15 21:26:34
I remember hearing this version on Polish radio, most likely on "Rozglosnia Harcerska", in 68-69(?), and once only. If I remember correctly, this was recorded to facilitate Niemen's planned attack on British music market, possibly for Alan Freeman, at the time Alan was busy with Maryla Rodowicz. To my knowledge it was never oficially released.

I believe the music track is actually from the Italian version, maybe slightly different mix, guitar is obviously by Tomasz Jaskiewicz.
2006-03-16 01:53:41
I'm sorry, obviously it's gotta be 71' :oops:
2006-04-08 11:12:32
Hi everybody,
thank you for help in solving the mystery.
i'm now sure that the music on the acetate is the same vocal and background track as on the version that was aired by polish radio. only the keyboard intro, the guitar and probably same other instruments were added.
i've uploaded a scan of the record to this site

bye and thank's again
2006-04-15 16:10:59
I have no idea what is it. It's not printed out but just signed with hand. Is there any other information on the box? or on the other side?
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