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Live shows from the 70s 2022-12-12 - 2023-01-03 Poetry 3 536
2022-12-12 22:26:07
Could anyone help me get/find live shows from the 70s in lossless form?
There is one show I have been looking for for years now.
2022-12-31 00:00:57
Hi! Where are you from? Which show do you search for?
2023-01-01 22:45:18
Domin189Hi! Where are you from? Which show do you search for?

Hi, I am from Slovakia. I was here years ago with an old email.
I am looking for Niemen Aerolit Sopot - Warszawa 1974. I have only seen it in mp3, looking for lossless.
But any others I dont have would be great too.
Send me a message, I will give you a list of what I have from Niemen and other artists.
Thank you,
2023-01-03 19:07:19
Hi, I am from Slovakia.
Mostly looking for the 1974 Aerolit Sopot & WArszawa show.
But others would be nice as well. Thanks.
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