Album "Mourner's Rhapsody" was recorded in studio on the 52nd Street in NYC on January– March 1974 (with musicians from Mahavishnu Orchestra). Lyrics were written by Norman Simon.
Some lyrics ( Baby M., Lilacs & champagne ) were about Malgorzata - girl that Niemen met in Poland (then she married :N: ).

Lilacs and champagne
A sweet and bubbly trip
The widow lost her grip
and Peter's gonna slip (..)

Why did you cry
When the summer said goodbye
Don't you know there must be fall and winter too

All Hallow's Day
When your Mother came to stay
I could see our summer love was through

On autumn 1974 Niemen recorded in Poland album "Niemen Aerolit" (with famous "Pilgrim"- lyrics of Polish poet Cyprian Norwid).

On spring 1975, a friend of Niemen and drummer in his band Niemen Aerolit - Peter Dziemski died.

In the same year the album "Mourner's Rhapsody" was published in the UK, but Niemen's concerts were cancelled.

26 years after that Chemical Brothers used sample from Niemen song titled "Pilgrim" in their track "Test " (feat. Richard Ashcroft).
Song "Test" was published on their album "Come With Us" (by Virgin in 2002).
Chemical Brothers met Niemen on his concert in Warsaw (Stegny in 2002).

NIEMEN AEROLIT live in Sopot (1974) -sat. TVP Kultura 14th March 2006 - 10.40 p.m.
Programme :
1/ Four walls of the world (pol.) ,
2/ Pilgrim (english) ,
3/ Give me blue ribbon (pol.) ,
4/ Lilacs and champagne (english).

NIEMEN AEROLIT : :N: -voc., kbds , A.Nowak -kbds, piano, S.Piwowar - qitar, J. Gazda - bas, P. Dziemski - dr, perc; PARTITA (only: Lilacs & champagne)
Replay of this programme 20 04 2006 TVP Kultura