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New Niemen CD reissues 2015-02-08 - 2022-12-12 Quizzus 11 13191
2015-02-08 11:11:40
Edytowany 1 raz(y), ostatnio 2015-02-08 11:11:40 przez Quizzus
Hey there - I have a question regarding new Niemen reissues.

Just got Enigmatic and red album digipacks and am highly impressed! The quick question is - will Marionetki and Aerolit be released in this series?

CBS albums are not that hard to get, but this two (and two the very best one in my opinion) elude me for years! :D
2015-02-11 03:50:48
Well, hi there! It's good to know, that there are some people in the world, who like Niemen's music :-) "Polskie Nagrania" have been sold, but we can assume, that all of the albums, that Niemen recorded for this label, will be reissued in that "refreshed" form.

The CBS albums were reissued by Green Tree Records/Soundvision and are not authorised by Niemen or his family. I just guess, we still need to wait some time for the official versions...

Write me a message, maybe I have something more, that could interest You.
2015-02-13 17:20:28
Hey! Thank you for good news!

Actually I found Niemen thanks to SBB (probably my favorite polish 70s band) in end of 90s, but CDs were almost impossible to get.

It is really good news Muza well reissue all of Niemen records, though i am really interested only in his prog period, and probably Idee Fixe. The others are quite a bit too electronic (and too weird) for my liking :).

I already got Green Tree Records CDs, quality reissues as well, however new Muza stuff is definitely prettier and booklet is just top notch (and has info in english). Too bad it took so many years, for example Supraphon offers excellent reissues of their stuff for many years (Modry Effekt, Progress2, Energit, Jazz Q, almost everything).

Would love to see such fine SBB reissues as well - Metal Mind reissues are pricey and kinda weird, combining old and new albums, and box is very expensive and is generally overkill for me.
2015-06-15 10:02:02
Have You noticed, that some Niemen's live recordings were released in the past few years? You definitely should check "41 Potencjometrów Pana Jana" (should probably be translated as "Mr. Jan's 41 Potentiometers") recorded by Niemen Aerolit in may 1974 with Jan Bledowski on violin (Krzak) but without Andrzej Nowak, "Kattorna" from polish Jazz Jamboree '72 by Niemen Group (Anthimos, Nadolski, Niemen, Piotrowski, Skrzek) and "Pamflet na LUDZKOŚĆ" ("Pamphlet on HUMANITY" - I guess), recorded at Jazz Jamboree '75 (Kasprzyk, Niemen, Piwowar, Radziejewski).

There are also two interesting Niemen solo recordings from early '75 - "Co się stało, matko, z moim snem" ("What happened, oh mother, with my dreams") and "Jakże człowiek jest piękny" ("How beautiful human is"). Both were recorder for a special project about the second world war, but have previously been unreleased. If You like the synthesizer sound of Niemen Aerolit and the incredible voice of Niemen, You should probably check those two. A pity, that Piotr Dziemski (dr) died shortly before those songs were recorded.

Quizzus, where are You actually from?
2015-06-15 11:58:09
Hey, thanx for infos,

What I am interested in is actually prog-rock related Niemen like Aerolit or Strange Is This World - if these live albums cover this period I am in. I am not sure completely electronic Niemen albums (Katarsis) are really for me, at least not yet :)

P.S. I am from Riga, Latvia.
2016-08-05 07:22:25
Quizzus, it's a long time, but I hope You did not loose interest in Niemen's progressive works ;-) It would be nice to hear from you!
2016-08-05 10:21:38
Still waiting for Marionetki and (hopefully) Aerolit reissues :)
2016-08-08 11:17:59
There are some fascinating bootlegs of Niemen, for instance Leningrad 1976 or Berlin 1978. I could also provide You with a high-quality video copy of the concert in Finnland 1972 (You may find it on YouTube, but in a low quality, though) and Sopot 1974. There are more interesting sounds and videos from Niemen, but this is something, we should discuss in private :-) PM me, if You are interested.

Oh, and by the way - have You seen this? :D
2017-07-12 16:37:43
QuizzusStill waiting for Marionetki and (hopefully) Aerolit reissues :)

...well, the time has come! ... l-1-vol-2/ - CD & LP (we discuss this reissue here) ... n-aerolit/ - now avaliable just as LP (we discuss this reissue here)
2017-07-18 21:37:44
Got Marionetki today in Suwalki Empik on the way home from Loreley NOTP :)! Great!

Amazing news about possible Aeorlit reissue, hopefully CD is on the way!
2017-07-20 07:59:57
I have no idea why my reply does not show up still :).

I got Maronetki at Suwalki Plaza Empik the other da, going from Loreley home, so knowing that Aerolit is on the way is great news!

Marionetki edition is not as stunning visually as Enigmatic though, and booklet is in polish only this time. I also think that one CD edition would be fine, it is just around 70 minutes long. Well, I am happy I have it anyway :)!
2022-12-12 22:30:57
No news about Aerolit, Katharsis and Idee fixe coming out on cd?
I was too young / unexperienced when the boxes came out,
Thanks for any info,
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